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  Junior Livestock Committee


Those 4-H and FFA members in grades 7th-12th and who are eligible to show at the Needville Youth Fair may sign-up. 

Jr. Livestock Committee

Purpose/Mission: The Needville Youth Fair Junior Livestock Committee is a youth organization sponsored by the Needville Youth Fair. The mission of the committee is to promote fellowship, provide leadership opportunities and allow the youth of Needville to participate and be involved with the fair in a meaningful and responsible manner.

Membership: Membership is open to any student who is curren
tly enrolled in 7th grade through 12th grade. Parental permission and liability forms (link below) must be completed and on file with the Junior Livestock Committee Chairman prior to the fair. 

• To encourage the members to improve the quality of the fair and its environment
• Encourage active participation among all members
• To participate in undertakings for the improvement of the fair
• To strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work
• To develop members to become future leaders and volunteers  at the fair beyond their years in school
• To develop character and promote fellowship and teamwork

Activities/Rules: Jr Livestock Committee Members will volunteer and work under the direction of the committee chairman at any of the following events. Members will be required to report to the committee chairman for duties and complete the assigned task before credit will be given by the committee chairman.

Members may be removed from the Junior Livestock Committee if he/she fails to follow the NYF General Rules or exhibits behavior not complying with the Purpose and Goals of the Jr Livestock Committee.
  • Grounds Clean Up (daily during fair)
  • Hall Clean Up (after Friday night dance)
  • Grounds Clean Up (Sunday)
  • Roaster Show
  • Broiler Show
  • Rabbit Show
  • Lamb Show
  • Goat Show
  • Swine Show
  • Swine Weigh-in
  • Steer Show
  • Commercial Heifer Show
  • Bucket Calf Show
  • Pet Show
  • Fair Dinner
  • Queen's Contest
  • Princess and Jr Miss Contest
  • Livestock Auction
  • Youth Events (Friday in the arena)
  • Creative Arts


2021 JR Livestock Application NYF Admin NYF Admin 3/3/2021 141 KB
2021 JR Livestock Rules NYF Admin NYF Admin 3/3/2021 128 KB



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