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Needville Youth Fair 2023

April 21-30


"Building for the Future"

Needville Youth Fair General Rules 

NYF Release of Liability 

 Steer: Tag In:  Oct 24, 2022 5-6:30pm 
     Online Entry Date: Oct 20  
     Check in: 4-5:30pm 
     Show:     30 mins after Swine show
 Roaster:  Order Deadline:    
     Online Entry date:  
     Pick up:  TBD
     Check in:  7-8am
     Show:  8am
Broilers: Order Deadline:  
     Online Entry date:   
     Pick Up:  TBD
     Check in:  7-8am 
     Show:  After Roaster Show
Lamb:  Tag in: Jan 14 7:30-9am
     Online entry date: Jan 7  

   Check in: April 26 5:30-6:30pm
     Show: April 27 After Goat show
Rabbit: Suggested Bread Date: Jan 2-8  
   Tattoo/Entry Date: March 27 7-8pm
     Online Entry Date: March 20  
     Check in/Sift: April 26 6-7pm
     Show: April 26 After Check-in
 Swine: Tag in: Jan 14 7:30-9am
     Online Entry Date: Jan 7  

   Check in: April 27 3-4:30pm
     Show: April 28 30mins after Broiler show 
Bucket Calf:

Mock tag in: Jan 14 (do not bring the calf)

  Online Entry Date:  Jan 7


   Record book Due: April 13 5-6pm 

   Check in: April 23 1-2pm

   Show: April 23 3:00pm
Goat: Tag in:  Jan 14 7:30-9am
     Online Entry date: Jan 7  

   Check in: April 26 5:30-6:30pm
     Show: April 27 6:30pm
Heifers:  Tag in: 7:30-9am
     Online Entry Date:  

   Check in: 4-5:30pm
     Show: 30 mins after Bucket Calf


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